Are we losing touch with nature?

Out at a Cub Scout den meeting one night, while the boys were doing their activity, one of the other leaders was talking about how our brains are changing.  One part of our brain was growing more than the other because of technology, and we were losing connection with nature.  Most people stay in their homes, and don't leave.  They shop online, work from home, living in their own little bubble.

It made me start thinking of other kids I know that don't know what much about nature.  They all play in their play room or on video games.  Then I got to thinking if they are not outside where are they learning it from?  US!  We as the next generation of parents need to step it up and teach kids to stop relying on cell phones, TV and video games.  Or they will end up with their faces in their phones.  

technology is taking over - kids and technology - how to deal

Don't get me wrong.  Technology is great.  But everything is better in moderation.  Here are some things you can do with your kids outside that are fun and easy:

Go on a hike

family hiking adventures - where to hike near meHiking is a lot of fun and doesn't have to be hard.  Find an easy trail near where you live and you are good to go.  If you don't know where to go there is an App called Bivy.  Bivy allows you to find trails need you, gives you driving directions, tells you how easy or hard they are, and a ton more.  This is one of my favorite apps.


Road trips

Road trips with the family are the best, you can have fun and be yourself.  In the car, there are no electronics allowed.  No DVD player playing in the back so the kids stay quite, or MP3 players so the kids don't have to listen to your music.  On those road trips make unexpected stops to see things, get out and explore.

I have some great memories from growing up and taking road trips.  There were times we would get in the car and drive 3 hours just to go have lunch somewhere.  You have a limited amount of time with your kids until they grow up and go off on their own.  Make the most of it before it is too late.


camping near me - how to camp with kidsCamping can be a lot of fun even if you do it in the backyard.  Tell stories and sit around the camp fire eating s'mores.  Or make memories of the worst trip ever and laugh about it later.


Fires are great to sit around.  You don't even have to talk, you can just relax and watch the flames.  You can kick back around a small fire in the backyard or have a large get together with friends.  You make it your own.


Go to the park and have a picnic.  Let the kids run around on the playground while you site and watch or you can join in.  You could even take some squirt guns and have a water fight.

The point is to get outside and have fun.  Enjoy nature as it was intended and not wait until it is gone.  At the rate we are going it won't be long before the major cities are huge to the point that nature can no longer sustain it.  There are cities in California that are so large the natural resources can not sustain it.  They have to have stuff shipped or pipped in because the resources are gone.

I remember all the fun I had outside until the street lights came on.  The times have changed so that you can't leave your kids alone outside for fear someone will take them.  That just means you need to go outside with them, go have fun.

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