Burris Eliminator III Laserscope

When you need a scope and a range finder but don't want to buy both, Burris Eliminator III is a great option for both.  This rifle scope doesn't require any rings, it mounts directly to the mount on your rifle similar to a tactical scope.  It is great since you don't have to buy additional hardware just to mount it to your rifle.  You also don't have to worry account ring mounts no holding your scope properly.

Burris Eliminator III Laserscope 4-16x50mm

The scope comes with a table for many different types of rifle calibers, ballistics and speeds.  All of this can be programmed in the scope to make it accurate to your exact load.  The scope takes into account wind-age.  Allowing for the most accurate shot.  Technology is always evolving, less than 10 years ago we barely had smart phones, smart TVs are newer, home automation is on the rise.  Why not put that technology in a rifle scope?

The scope has a christmas tree reticle (x96).  Once calibrated, the scope will show the user which mil dot to use to obtain the best shot.  There are no more guesses on what mil dot to use, normal manual adjustments using a turret, no more guessing on wind-age compensation.  The scope range is 750+ yards for deer and 1200+ yards for reflective surfaces.

Burris Eliminator III Reticle x96

I love technology.  This is on the top of my Christmas list.  Review to come soon.

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