Camping Gear

Sometimes you just need to disconnect from the world and go camping.  Leave all the stress of work behind you and go out into the wilderness to release.  Take your family and friends to make memories to last a lifetime.

Do you have all your camping essentials ready or are you missing a few things?  Don’t worry; Country Gear USA has got you covered. We have an extensive line of camping supplies that will have you prepared for your outdoor getaway. Our store carries tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, ready-made meals, camping cookware and much more. We serve The Lakes, NV and its neighboring cities with all their outdoor activity needs. We offer low prices and a wide selection of gear to help you choose the right product for your next adventure.

Our camping gear is high-quality and we carry the best brands at Country Gear USA. Our prices are reasonable, making our products affordable for everyone. We offer much more than camping gear. Country Gear USA carries everything from hunting supplies to hiking and so much more. We price our products right so you don’t have to run to our local competitor, who may not carry as much as we do. Our associates are also awesome and know everything about the great outdoors in general, including camping.

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